Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Truth

Integrate the moments you have lived...you will get your Life!
Differentiate Life...the moments of your Life flash before your eyes.

Tell me...What do you see?

expressing had always been my forte...until....i was convinced to believe that its best to remain silent. Silence is no longer golden. Today, Silence is Strength. 
Your fears, your anguish...your tears... if you express yourself...expressions label you W-E-A-K. 
Funnily enough...even your joy should remain confined within you. Your joy is your's...alone. Why bother others with it!
So what do we do... do we become a social recluse?
We socialise selectively, closely adhering to social protocols.
We behave the way we are expected to behave. We say what is wished to be heard. We do what we are supposed to do. We pretend. 

We are forever confined within our self-imposed norms of expectations. We harness our emotional energy to give birth to a social paradigm which enforces the Law of Lifelessness in living entities.

An expressionless existence...punctured in the heart with a silent silver bullet...
We are doomed to be alone...an individual trapped within his/her own self. We are prisoners of our existence...waiting to be set free from the shackles of Life.

A Divine Gift...we have turned into a self-inflicted curse.

and then...
I close my eyes and differentiate my Life....darkness closes in on me.


To be able to reach out. To want to know. Somewhere lost in the crowd. Alone and scared. Looking for a way to make it seem worth the whil...