Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 AD: A look back

its Christmas eve first christmas eve without my Grandma....its my first Christmas Eve without a lot of things. but i have a lot more than what i've lost this year. My profits and savings count...not my losses.
still let me elaborate on both.
profit and savings first:
there are some people i need to thank. in fact 4 friends. without them i would have had successfully committed suicide(!!) this year.
Prantika...thank you for making me feel acceptable. i had lost faith in myself...n you know why. thank you for choosing me over others. you are the only person who has made me feel at home in my own room. Thank You.
Anirban...thank you for the very many things that you don't even know that you done for me..n i have no words to explain them to you. Thank you for being my friend and for introducing me to a gem, Praveen.
Praveen....thank you for making me feel happy. i wish i had a brother of my own like you. better still, i wish you were my own younger brother.
Sushmi...thank you, as always...for being by my side and kicking me hard whenever i reach the peak of sanity!! Insanity rocks! Thank you for everything Sush.

the year 2009 was a year of changes...of tears...that were wiped by more than one pair of hands. of joy shared by more than i can count. this was a year of friendship, of love...of bliss...of a happiness i'd long lost touch with.
2009 renewed my faith in life.
this year i am back in my crazy self once diplomacy.

few complaints....i would rather let them be. its better to bury them in this year and move ahead. its better not to remember how people you trust can turn selfish and purposefully take away from you what you truly deserve. its better not to remember how someone can shut their door on your face. its better not to knock on their door again. its better not to remember rude remarks from the people you considered friends. its better not to remember how they talk behind your back and apologise to you later only if you somehow get to know about it. its better to forget that they refuse to understand you and the reason why you do certain things. its better to forget if they suddenly avoid you. its better to forget and forgive.
Its Christmas...the season of love n joy. its the festival of giving without expecting to receive...
2010 is just a week away...a new year...its going to be a new beginning.
my prayer this Christmas
"Lord, bless the people around me. make their dreams come true. Bring to them joy, hope and love. Protect them from all harm. If they make a mistake forgive them and help them to forgive others' mistakes. Give them courage to face the truth. Walk with them. Hold their hands when they need You. Bless my friends. bless my family. bless the world. Lord, protect my happiness and its source.


  1. lovely.... and u r always welcme :)

  2. @sushmi thanks again! hehehe! i knw am always welcm but still majhe majhe thank u bolte ichche kore!

  3. aami aabar ki korlaam!? I thank you for a million reasons! but i dont remember one single think i have done for you... oh ha... most recently.. thanks for booking our tickets for avatar..!

  4. @anirbansaha
    hahah! welcome read again, i've tried to explain why i'm thanking you.

  5. all that i can say is thanks....and u r very cute di.....choooooooo chweeeeeeeeeeet.........

    he he

  6. @praveenpuglia eto chweeeeeeeeet hole ami diabetic hoye jabo toh re.....lolss!

  7. Yes, its true you have changed, and thats mostly good.

    But you have still not learned to forgive and forget, even if you think so. You still keep grudges in your heart. Moreover, you still like blaming others for your faults. I believe this is one of your main weaknesses. But rest still, have a nice year ahead.


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