Sayani Mukherjee

Professional Summary:

Completed Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics from SCMHRD (Symbiosis International University). I have 5 years 2 months of industry experience. Domain expertise in Anti Money Laundering in HSBC Analytics and Learning Management Systems in Tech Mahindra Limited.

I have worked extensively with Data over 5 years. Analysis of Compliance in Financial Crime is a part of my current work profile. I am proficient in SAS (BASE, PROC SQL and Macros), database technologies (SQL and PLSQL) and have also been exposed to Big Data (Hive).

Key Skills:

   > BASE
   > SAS Macros
. Regression: Linear and Logistic
. Time Series Forecasting
. MS Excel

Key Strengths:

. Excellent ability to work with data across various levels like data cleaning and purging as well as reporting and analytical purposes.
. Ability to work and communicate effectively with client, vendor and in a team.
. Determined and focused approach towards achievement of goals with the ability to learn, adapt and adjust to new technologies and environments/conditions quickly.
. Completed SAS programming fulltime classroom training on SAS Base, SQL and Macros including creating data sets, designing reports as per requirement.
. Hands-on experience on SAS/Base, SAS/Stat, SAS/SQL.
. Data management skills like merging, handling missing values, reading raw data files, creating data structures, handling programming errors accessing and managing data appending, concatenating and interleaving of SAS datasets.
. Expertise in using various SAS procedures such as Proc print, Proc SQL, Proc contents, Proc sort, Proc report, Proc Datasets, proc freq, proc means, proc univariate, proc corr and proc transpose.
. Ability to work with mathematical concepts.


Year of Passing
PGDBA (Business Analytics)
Symbiosis International University
CGPA 8.68 (86.8%)
B Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)
West Bengal University of Technology
DGPA 8.55 (78%)
Higher Secondary
West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
West Bengal Board of Secondary Education

Training and Certification:
Full Time Classroom Training on Base SAS which includes SAS Programming, Creation of Data Sets, Usage of SQL queries and Macros as well as report designing from a reputed institute (Techdata Solution Institute-Pune).


Current Designation/Role
Tech Mahindra Limited
Senior Software Engineer/Analyst
Jun 2012 - Feb 2017
HSBC Analytics (HDPI)
Feb 2017- Till Date

Projects Profile:

Project Name: Financial Crime Compliance/transaction monitoring (AML)
Department: Financial Crime Compliance Analytics (HSBC)
Role: Analyst
Description: Segmentation, data quality analysis and analysis of Compliance on data available in Transaction Monitoring Systems.

Project Name: ESG-CIO-Applications
Client: Education Services Group (Tech Mahindra Ltd)
Description: Home-grown LMS system integrated with vendor LMS tool. Interfaced with HR and Finance systems.
Role: Developer/Analyst
Responsibilities: Analysis of LMS system effectiveness indices, Data Validation, Reporting and Predictive Analysis of Compliance.
Languages: ASP.Net, C# Database: ORACLE and SQL Server Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Toad (Oracle), SQL Server, SAS

Project Name: Forecasting Share Prices
Data: Share price data set
Periodicity: working week of 5 days spread over two years.
Methodology: Establishing the time series components in the dataset and comparative study of various Forecasting Techniques like MA, ARIMA, Simple
Exponential Smoothing, Holt's method.
Accuracy parameters: Error estimates (MAPE)

Project Name: Project on Coronary Heart Disease
Data: Framingham Coronary Heart Disease reduced dataset
Methodology: Logistic Regression
Accuracy parameters: Characteristic curves and AIC

Key Accomplishments and Activities:

Awarded with Bravo (FY 14-15 Q1) and Pat on the Back (FY 14-15 Q3) for contribution and performance in the project and solving a huge data correction issue in vendor tool.

Awarded Pat on the Back (FY 16-17) by Client for developing a finance and HR system interfaced module from scratch, as part of complete automation of certification reimbursement process.

Awarded certificate for being selected in top 300 photographers in Corporate Indian Photography competition organized by Indian Photography Edition. Photograph showcased in Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai in 2014.

Editor of College magazine and active member of Cultural Committee in school. Organised Bloggers Workshop in College.

Received Certification for All Round Performance in school for excellence in academics and extra-curricular activities and awarded for Responsible Conduct as a member of School Council.

Personal Details:

Current location: Pune
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 3rd February 1989
Marital Status: Single
Passport Details: G9692461
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi

All the above details are true to the best of my knowledge.

Dated: 20th Aug 2017


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