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This is where you get to write whatever you wish to (polite messages are welcome...rest, dont bother! Thank you). 
if you have something to say to me...if you have an idea that you wanna share...if you have some random query...you wanna say "hi" to me....or you wanna say something nice about me...say it all here.
so go on...this is my DROPBOX...just go ahead n have your say!

by the way....a big HI from my side! :) :) :)


  1. awesome blog :) :)
    m nt that a blog writer / reader... jus sometimes read a random blog.. and this was a nice experience :) :)
    P.S. if u want a G+ invite.. i can help u :P

  2. hey...hi!
    thank u so much fr appreciating my blog! :)
    n well...i am already using G+...apparently users dont need an invite to use it anymore. they've opened it up n made it a "for all" kinda thing. neway i didnt like G+ much (personal opinion) n so i quit using it after the first time i logged in.

    i appreciate u dropping in at my Dropbox...thankiezz!! keeping visiting n keep reading! :)

  3. The content and the writing style both are equally beautiful. I'll be following your blog religiously from now on.

  4. Shubhrajeet.... thanks yaar...keep reading...n do lemme knw hw i can make my writing better....n do keep commenting!! :)

  5. Hallo Sayani, :)

    (I am German and very bad in English, so I shall write in German further..)

    Viel Gruß für neue Jahr !!! :) Ich bin ein Freund von dir, wer lebt in Deutschland (Germany) aber jetzt in Indien.

    Ich bin Dieter und schreibe für zweitenmal an dich. Ich bin sehr schlecht an Englisch also musste ich in Deutsch schreiben. Ich kann nur so sagen das deine Einsicht zum Leben hat mir überrascht gelassen. Warum hattest du eine Ingenieurin geworden ? Du bist sehr fantastisch zu schreiben bewandert. Als ein Schauspieler kann ich es gut bestätigen.

    Vielen Dank für deine Geduld. :)

    Mit Grüßen ich bin dein Freund,
    Dieter Maximus

  6. hello my German friend...
    i thank you with my whole heart for taking time out to go through my blog...and for appreciating my writing.
    and as to why i did engineering...well...even i dont know. i love writing and maybe someday i'll do something about it! My dream is to write and stage a play someday!!

  7. A play ! Wow ! Ganz prächtig :).. Ich auch bin verwandt mit Theaterstücken für letzte 6 Jahren. Hauptsächlich nehme ich die Rollen, die die Kämpfen unseren Lebens darstellen. What aspect of life do you wish to target :) ?

    Und auf deine Karriere ! Mein indischer Freund, bei wem ich jetzt bleibe, ist auch ein Ingenieur und außerdem ein wunderbaren Sänger von indischer klassischer Musik. Oh ! Es sichert das Kunstmachen ist viel besser als Maschinen-machen. Vor allem, sind die Dichtern die Ingenieur unserer Kultur und Sozialität ---- ich glaube so :)

    Viel Glück nochmal !

    Mit Grüßen,
    (Dieter Maximus)

  8. i am fascinated by the different aspects of human mind...often our emotions drive us towards a certain destination and the same emotions also have the power to destroy the path that may lead us to our destination. its strange how the powerful emotions are...love for example can create as well as destroy. trust is yet another volatile feature of our fickle human mind.
    this is where my interest is...

    see, as an engineer i am supposed to create...
    creation can be in various ways...
    i can create with my mind...i can create with my eyes...i can create with a set of engineering drawing tools.... but at the end of the day...i create! :)

  9. Hey Sayani

    I chanced upon blog and the writeups I found were.. Wow.. !!

    I don't follow blogs, but reading is something I like and pursue it rigorously.
    I read quite a few of yours and liked each one of them.

    Would like to see you write more and more.. So I can read more.. :-)

    Happy Writing.


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