Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Real Fairy

Let her sleep...she has been asleep for years now..for almost a century...
The grass grew...the trees grew taller..the creepers covered the cracks on the walls... all was still...frozen in time... she has been asleep for over a century now...let her sleep.
Why wake her from her peaceful slumber...when she can dream of a beautiful world...a garden full of roses and a sky full of stars...a world which knows nothing less than perfection... a world of bliss, a world of love.
Put to sleep by a Fairy...she is dreaming a dream years and years old. A fairy in a black cloak and a pointed hat on a broomstick.
She is Sleeping Beauty...let her sleep.


To be able to reach out. To want to know. Somewhere lost in the crowd. Alone and scared. Looking for a way to make it seem worth the whil...