Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Snow Fall

She let the snow bury her that night. She let the cold steal away her light. For her eyes knew this was where she wanted to be and her heart knew this was how it was always meant to be. The snow fell on her that night.

The night sky was filled with the howl of the dog who stood by her as she fell with the snow.
He knew her well and loved her so.

Her hut was a little ahead in the woods...or what once used to be. The winter had claimed the trees for its own and the narrow path had ceased to be.

It was early winter, when she came. She came in silent grey. Never a word did she ever speak not did her heart ever sway.
She would sit by the cliff. Never a fire would she light. Like she wanted the night to give her a fight.

He first saw her on his way towards the frozen woods. Her melancholy eyes was all it took. For he could see into her soul. Their eyes met and they felt whole.
His blue her grey...they were meant to be. From a land afar she had come to see.

In silence she told him of her long years. How much she had loved and how much had been hers. He listened. Sat down with his front paws folded and alert. His ears taking in every single of her word.

He knew her Life was far away. In a place that was not theirs in any way. She had longed for so much...a mere human touch.
She had waited and waited for years to come. To her fears she knew she would never succumb.
He knew not why she was here to stay. He stayed by her through night and day.

It had been a beautiful night...but it will haunt him till the end.
That night when the snow fell...he saw her  leave, just the way she was sent. Silent and grey.

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