Saturday, October 3, 2009

BCETians are Tweeting!

yes...tweeples all over the world...its time to tweet!! BCETians are very trendy...latest news from BCET is that it's tweeting...there are hash tags all over twitter saying #bcetbloggers...its a promotional venture exhibiting the craziness that BCET houses. The unique idea came out from the crazzzziest BCEtian here, Anirban, and was further developed and spread by the rest...hashtagged bcet blogging is spreading all over the virtual world even as we speak now. Its spreading like a me!! you need evidence...check out here and here
now you believe me?!!
its 4am now...and Anirban and me...we are still tweeting...hashtagging and following people around in the virtual world...
its all part of the Divine plan to unite all the BCET_Bloggers under one this blog has a twitter account and it tweets the latest updates. it gives the virtual world all the updates that we put up on our blogs and the BCET_Bloggers blog.

So catch us live as we blog...follow @bcetbloggers
dont forget the hashtags!!

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