Thursday, October 15, 2009

Being imperfect is so very perfect

Was watching Wake Up S!d...and guess what...i woke up to a brand new realisation...!!
WUS introduces us to the very imperfect S!d and......Aisha. Aisha's world is a world where the word "perfect" makes a lot of sense...she's organised and methodical...knows exactly what she wants from her life...and she tells S!d...meaning every word...that he is definitely not her Mr. Perfect...but finally old bollywood music wins over classic Jazz...imperfection wins over so-called perfection....and....
"Goonja sa hai koi iktara iktara.........goonja sa hai koi iktara......"
Its a wonderful feeling. the feeling of not being the best. the feeling of being incomplete...the entire essence of our existence lies in our imperfection. we are imperfect, that's why we err. we are imperfect that's why we are who we are. C'on...accept it...nobody is perfect!!
every feeling is a manifestation of our imperfection. our joys...our tears...our smiles...even our hearts deepest desires...they are all a direct consequence of our imperfection. All through our lives we desire to be perfect. We desire everything that is connected to us should be perfect. but, i dunno why, we just fail to realise that very single object, every being is imperfect. see, that's how imperfect we are!! we may criticise imperfection but we love being imperfect. it is imperfection that keeps us searching for perfection all our life. Imperfection helps us to Hope and Hope keeps Life alive!
When it comes to friendship we start looking for perfection in our friends..."yaar...dosto ko toh baksh do..."
and in love we wish to settle for nothing but the perfect person......"hmmmmmmmmmm........"
But does perfection have the same meaning to every individual?? Perhaps no. my idea of perfection may not be the same as yours. Actually it's all in the mind my friend...
Being imperfect is perfectly natural. Its totally fact its cooler than being perfect!
happiness in life comes from these imperfections. the more imperfect our friends are the more fun we can have. the more imperfect your love is the more romantic the relationship may be...!!
the little imperfections...the faults that we hate and later fall in love with perhaps brings to us the best joys in life!
N'joy it as imperfectly as you life on your own terms...make mistakes...rectify them...fall in love with your life...and just chillax...let life take you on a fun ride!! Being imperfect is so very perfect!!
Realise the source of your happiness...just like Aisha...she realised that her greatest joy lay with her dearest imperfect friend...and
"dheeme bole koi iktara iktara.......dheeme bole koi iktara........."

P.S: if you have time you can waste it by counting the number of times i've typed the word "imperfection"...njoy!


  1. Nilakshi: perfect is a thing that itself is not perfect. whether in science field or arts field. everyone wants everything to be perfect which not possible. if you become a perfect girl you will not have anything to do more in your life. doing anything perfectly, being perfectly is a hope that makes our lives hopeful and makes our lives possible.

  2. I totally agree with u nilu! Perfection, i feel, is not about being perfect but about hoping n trying to live our dreams!


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