Saturday, November 14, 2009


DISCLAIMER: ok totally matter how weird this poem may sound am just fine. all's well with me! i don't even remember when and why i wrote this poem. found it in the 'my documents' folder today and posted it absolutely fine!!

When pain reaches its zenith and the isolation is complete
When the soul stops begging for mercy and surrenders to the anguish inside
When the light dims and the eyes get accustomed to the overwhelming darkness
When all senses numb and even the slightest sensation invites intense pain
When touch pricks like a sharp ended needle and tears dry in the heat of despair
When words are lost to ever entangling fetters of sorrow and life translates to death
When even the most soul wrenching cry becomes inaudible and the blood boils within
When the world closes itself before the eyes of the sufferer and blocks all its gates
Then my heart burns in the fire
Tortured by myself…
Pained by me…
And in the fire of Hell my blood boils…
To satisfy the ache within.


  1. What a post on the occasion of Children day!!!

  2. @aninya
    yep...its the pain of growing up, u know...wish we could be kids forever!! sometimes the adult in us suffocates the child within...


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