Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Page from My Diary

21st Nov '09:  9:30pm

Am sitting on the edge of the terrace... the endless blue black sky above spreading its starless cover over me...the coldest wind of the season is blowing across my shivering.
Perhaps, I should have worn my blue sweater...or at least brought a shawl with me. But the night is just so beautiful...I don't really mind shivering in the cold wind! I had come to the terrace to get away from the others. The sadness, the grief, the mourning...the common emotions of the human soul...the inherent feeling of care and concern...i wanted to get away from it all.
Here on the terrace i find peace. The cold wind freezes the flow of my thoughts and  emotions and a strange calmness spreads over me.
I've been visiting the terrace regularly for the last three days and tonight i'd actually planned on studying here. I had brought my Industrial Instrumentation-II book with me. I opened the book and started reading but then...the wind came again...freezing me...I put down the book after marking the page I'd been reading...

Am used to being alone but have never found such joy in solitude before. Is it the night? or the stars? it is the calmness and the peace? or is it the cold wind that's blowing around me, making me shiver? what is it that is giving such profound joy? is it me, or is it all in my mind?


  1. ..spellbound... an awesome way of expressing feelings... the words are awesomely used... its making me feel the way you may have felt...
    & the theme of your blog is suiting the mood of your writing nicely....

    Souvick Mazumder

  2. @souvickmazumder
    am glad i could make u feel what i had felt! That actually means a lot!

  3. thandata lagle na???? kanta dhore mule debo.
    r tokhon sudhu nak tanbe kono feeling thakbe na!!!!bujhle???????????


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