Friday, December 11, 2009

Sayani: the name

"Sayani" in Cherokee (Tsalagi ) language means Zion or origin.
[Cherokee: They are Native American people historically settled in the South Eastern United States (namely, Georgia, the Carolinas and Eastern Tennessee).
Linguistically, they are connected to speakers of the Iroquoian-language family. And, in the 19th century, their oral tradition told of their having migrated south from the Great Lakes region in ancient times.
                                                                                                                        -courtesy Wikipedia]

This is a surprising fact. I thought Sayani was purely from Sanskrit. Meaning source from which life originates. In short, origin. I had no idea that it could have a Native American connection. This is very interesting.
But i have a did the Native Americans and the Aryans use the same word in the same context? How could they come up with the same meaning?
i've been trying to research this topic...have been googling it since yesterday. But thanks to the upcoming exams...i couldnt devote much time to it.
If anyone knows the answers please let me know.
I must admit, i like the name Zion. Reminds me of Matrix!!


  1. my pet dog was zion :) if u remember

  2. @sushmi
    yesssss....i do remember!! sayani=zion=sushmi's pet dog. OMG!!!!


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