Thursday, December 3, 2009

i feel it for you

this is my first attempt at something romantic.....its something that's totally unlike me!! but am still giving this a try...
please...please do leave comments.

will you walk with me...?
hold my hand.
sit with me...for a while.
look! can you see the horizon...
where the golden sun is melting into the arms of the blue water?

my life...behold,
have i found you in myself or without?
or did i do as i was told...?

once on a walk when you had smiled
trust me, the moonlight had washed me over...
bathing me in its silvery light.
that morning, when you had softly whispered in my ears...
those words that i live for
the fragrance of the fresh dew on the grass blade 
had kissed me on the forehead.
it was the moment...that moment...
that made up for all the words unsaid...

its a feeling unfelt...
a dream unseen...
if this is love, i confess...i feel it for you!


  1. thats mast cannot say that u r not good in that romantic field... he he he he./....the thing is

    I LIKED IT..

  2. @praveenpuglia
    am so glad u liked was seriously a tough job...thinking, imagining n writing this. thanks!!

  3. simply fatafati!!
    really "a niriho sweet kobita"...
    ...bes kichu bujhlam....


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