Sunday, March 7, 2010

what ifs n if onlys...

Wanna share a story in the form of excerpts of some conversations.

[They both knew. but they never said. they were afraid...of themselves. they were weary of the shortcomings.
and lastly they both assumed that they would always be there...they both thought that they were irreplaceable.]

girl: hello! its me.
boy: yeah, say.
girl: er...i just called... how are you?
boy: am fine.
girl: you busy?
boy: no. say.
girl: oh! er...ok. going home.
boy: when?
girl: the day after.
boy: ok.
girl: my me to meet someone.
boy: oh! (pause) i get it.
when will you return?
girl: depends...
boy: ok...gotta go.
girl: yeah...bye.
boy: bye.
girl: bye...

boy: hey! when are you returning?
girl: next week, i guess.
boy: how long does it take to meet someone, eh??
girl: met him yesterday. mom and dad...they like him a lot. they say, he's perfect for me...
boy: oh! er...ok. (pause) do you like him?
girl: he's a good person...qualification are good. good family. mom and dad like him...
boy: what about me?
girl: you?
boy: i mean, when do i get to meet him? wanna meet the one who's taking my Life away from me.
girl: oh! i...
boy: hey...tell i a bit too late...
girl: if you had just told me
boy: never mind. just be happy...always...

THE END...??


  1. chinta korisna its not the end!!

  2. It is the least d end of d conversation. :P


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