Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mid-Twenties Crisis

A personal note, less of a blog post.
I am writing all of this down and I plan to read this a couple of years later to see where I stand.

I am 26. The question that has been plaguing my mind is...
What is growing up all about?

Having a stable job. Earning well. Being independent. Getting married. Owning a place of your own. A car too maybe. Inviting friends over for lunch or dinner parties and asking them to bring their plus one along. Is that it?

What about this...
Having a stable job. Earning well. Being independent. Hanging out with friends. Planning an occasional all-nighter with your girl besties. Maybe a get together with friends over drinks (all sorts) and good food. Maybe a pot-luck. Maybe a three day long horror movie marathon with closest buddies and pizza. Maybe a few trips thrown in...with friends or alone.

Is that not being grown up enough?

This seems to a crossroad. Stuck on the other side of 25 and not wanting to opt for the road that makes you a serious grown up.

Then there is this eternal fear of not having a plus one for your married friend's dinner party. How weird would that be!

People coming off age...and settling down left right and centre. As if that is all life is about.

Could you not "settle down" with someone who wants the same unsettling things that you want? That would be perfect amalgamation of growing up and yet being happy.

Or maybe that is too far-stretched. We are all doomed to die as boring people who grew up and got serious.

Is this the mid-twenties crisis?

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