It all began with an idea...an idea that was to revolutionise the way BCET thinks...it was an idea that was to pave the way for an association that BCET is going to remember in the years to come. It was the simple idea of bringing together college bloggers under one roof...on a single platform...that transformed into the BCET Bloggers Workshop.

BCET Bloggers workshop was organised on 31st October 2009, in the Management Block of Bengal College of Engineering and Technology, in association with WebReps.in  and Softz Solutions.
And needless to say, it was a huge success!!
We kind of started late...we, the organisers, Anirban (this entire thing is originally his idea), Praveen, me and the others, predictably had a lot of running around to do and yeah...had a lot of phone calls to make as well. Finally, after donating precious phone balance to this noble cause, we started at around 11:30am.
Attendance was good. Students from reputed institutions in as well as outside Durgapur participated with great eagerness and enthusiasm.We discussed blogging, monetizing, tweeting, etc, etc, etc................
And as far as WebReps.in is concerned....they were simply super cool!! The interaction was seriously interactive and fun...it was just awesome...thanks to all the WebReps.in members for making this workshop such a huge success! These guys sure know how to capture and retain the attention and interest of 20-something yr old students!!
Well, all in all...it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience...learnt a lot...had a lot of fun...and yes missed classes, some even missed tests. But seriously, it was all worth it!!


  1. Nice design of your webpage..great work!!
    and yes the workshop was simply great


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