Sunday, October 25, 2009


OMG! OMG! OMG! its that time of the year, rather semester, when my brain starts oscillating furiously between pending college work...academics...and fun....
my mind remains totally messed up...too stressed out by tension to think clearly!! yes, its almost november, and am living in the last week of october now. Semester exams are scheduled to begin in december....and i am freaking out at the very thought of it...........omg!!
this happens almost every sem. all though the semester i chill out thinking that yaar kal se padhai start karenge... but tomorrow as usual never comes!! this semester, especially, i should have started studying seriously a little earlier. the subjects this sem are simply horrible!! Z-transforms....omg!! mp 8086 n peripherals....analog communication...control theory and industrial instrumentation. the last two i'll be able to manage. and perhaps analog comm can be handled. but, DSP and 8086.........i seriously need help!
Trust me attending classes regularly and paying attention in class has not helped me at all! In fact, maybe it would have been better if i'd bunked some classes and studied by myself in the library....sigh!
But, hey! exams were never meant to cause such mental disturbance...were they??!! exams were never meant to ruin the peace of mind...
when viewed on a larger scale, exams were never meant to steal a child's childhood from him! parental pressure and the absurd dream of creating an engineer or a doctor out of every kid is ruining the nation's future!! seriously!
but the growing competition has induced in students the pressure to do well. Students have started expecting higher that what they are actually capable of achieving...and they are shamelessly taking to means that make them stoop to levels beyond dignity to acheive such high aims. the desire to outdo others at any cost is eating into our social system.
Trust me, there are a lot of things around here, in the education system, that need serious amendments. Just sitting and complaining wont help, i know, but protesting singularly will not do any good either. what we need is a movement...a mass protest...but alas! hum system ko badalne jayenge toh system hume hi badal dega...
that's the irony of our Democracy!
so like obedient citizens we accept the crude and unjust system and start preparing for a set of three-hours papers that are supposed to assess our merit!! All the best!!


  1. Aniket BhattacharyaOctober 25, 2009 at 5:29 PM

    well the thing which u have written about our education system is so damn right..Its high tym da education system in our country needs to be revolutionized..I had just prepared an entire post about the education system and maybe,i will be just posting it in my blog within the nxt couple of just finding the right tym to post it coz weneva m sitting in front of my computer,my mom is freaking out on me as the sem xams r near and i,according to her,am not at all studying..

  2. @Aniket
    yup!! i'll be looking forward to reading ur blogpost...the situation is same with me, my mom's been pestering me to study as well...i managed to post this when she was asleep!!

  3. The Indian Education system needs lot of improvement. Its root lies in the system the British developed. At that time, Indian people did not understand English or any other foreign language. So they resorted to mugging up things and vomiting in exams, a trend that we mindlessly follow even today. True creativity has lost its importance. People are mad after engineering and management seats, so that they can become 'settled'. People should do what they feel like doing.

    Even you have been a victim of this(since you preferred architecture, even though you like engineering now).

    Even the syllabus setting is not upto the mark. And the system lacks innovation. This is one of the reasons why we have so few Nobel Prize winners, and also why no Indian university/school/college comes in the top 100 worldwide.

    But things are changing for the good. I am sure we will see improvement in the future.


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