Thursday, December 31, 2009

Every End has a Story to Tell

Every end has a story to tell...a story of how the end came. Its a story of continuity...the story of life. Like every night ushers in a beautiful morning and promises us a new story, every night also narrates the tale of a day lived. And life is lived between these two extremities...the beginning and the end.

Like the bright sun peeping through the bare branches of the worn out tree...Life sweeps into our selves and creates a story from within us...a real story. its a promise of a new Fairytale....a tale that is spun around us...from within us...and about us.

its a new year tomorrow. And today, the end of this year has a story of its own to narrate...of the joys shared...of the laughter that echoed through the tunnel of time...of the sorrows forgotten and the pain erased by love. Tomorrow is a new beginning...the beginning of a new story.

So, friends its time....write your own story in your own signature style!


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