Sunday, January 3, 2010

Date: 03/01/10 :First post of 2010

To the World its the third day of the second decade of the 21st century.
To me its one of the best-est days of my life...
let me first talk about the last day of the first decade of this century...31st Dec '09. It was a great end to a great year. The Kolkata Tweetup at Mani Square just rocked!! Anirban's James Bond taxi driver...the crazy trip to the Scary House (at Mani Square)...the crazy foodie visit to McDonald's and the super crazy run across the busy EM bypass side road...the mad balloon and the silly Docomo was a MAD evening!!
But that was last year. Trust me, back home that night...i had just one feeling...that of happiness...i was super happy...n a little scared. I don't want anything to happen to this happiness...its just too precious to lose.
On 1st Jan I planned a trip to my Grandparents Grandparents were overjoyed to see me. Got super pampered. Loved every moment of it! My Grandfather took a keen interest in blogging. He loved the concept of Sa'matri'yoni.
And today...finally 3rd Jan. Praveen, Anirban and me...Kolkata was never more joyful...the traffic was never more frustrating...the Ganga was never so beautiful...the breeze was never more was a memorable day. Victoria...the Monkey show (worth 70 bucks!! huh!?!)...the roadside fresh lime soda (Praveen taught me the proper name but i've forgotten it...have to ask him again)...the waaaaaaaaalk to Baboo Ghat...the sugarcane juice...our madness...Praveen and Anirban's camera...Anirban's non-stop photography...the steamer ride...the beautiful Ganga...and then finally "home-ground", City Centre.
It was a day well beyond my Rulebook life...a day i spent with my two most favourite people in this world! Am going to remember this day all my life...and recall these crazy memories when my hair'll be all grey and most of my teeth will be gone!! :-P
Am looking forward to sure the rest of the year's going to be awesome!!
Thank you Mr.God...for everything!
Happy 2010 everyone!


  1. di....just one u #love

  2. @praveenpuglia
    oi...same to u u #love


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