Saturday, February 27, 2010

update'll be grossly unfair to say that i have been thinking a lot about others things and too little about academics these days. its true that numerous others things have been going on in my life...but, academics were never out of my mind. 6th semester is quite important. we've got seminars to prepare for. we have an industrial training to do at the end of this semester, and of course 5 subjects to master before exams come knocking at the door.
been going through several training programs...have selected a few and applied for them. seats are limited almost everywhere...and competition is, needless to say, very very tough. hopefully i'll get selected for training somewhere. wish my dad would let me go out of Kolkata for training. wish he could bring himself to trust my merit a bit more. anyway, that's mere wishful thinking...and should be avoided at all cost.

been thinking a lot about my grad prospectives... Finally, i came  up with several ideas, most of which require hard work and taking loads of chaap. There really is no substitute for hard work...and its very unfortunate that bit lazy.

anyway...that is basically my life's update...will again update later!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

some moments...captured forever

been experimenting a bit...and i ended up making this collage. This collage is not very technically sound...i still learning...but the emotions attached are the purest of all...
i dedicate this to my two dearest friends who make my life so much worth living... 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blissful Pain

A turbulence…an eerie silence amidst the storm…the eye.
A wait so long that time crawls slower than the breath escaping from the Soul…escaping to Eternity.
An infinite length of dark expanse…waiting… awaiting… desiring those that are not one’s own.
Burdened by Love…Despair strikes.
The sky swims in a blood red pool. 
Red? Perhaps the colour of Love… or perhaps the hue of the irreparable loss that gnaws the heart. Twisting the muscles so that every drop is wasted…and lost. A pain so pure that all Powers surrender to it.
It is cruel enough to engage you in a blissful delirium…senses are lost to emotions...perhaps forever. It never subsides 
and yet you smile.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

3rd Feb 2010: Happy Birthday to me! was my 21st birthday on 3rd Feb. I was initially quite apprehensive about turning 21...but the fun i had during the day convinced me that turning 21 isnt that bad (n sad!) after all!!
I was in for a lot of surprises. In fact surprises unravelled all through the day. Each one putting a smile bigger than the previous one on my face!! 
The Angelic bhai(!!)...chocolate coated munch-cake...biscuit-with-jam midnight "birthday-wali maggi"...the innumerable birthday wishes...loooooong list..........
and the Grand Finale was the grand(!!) party in the Cafeteria. 
Thanks to all my friends for making me feel so special! Thank You! 
Here are my bday cakes...njoy!!


wondering about the "3"...its the addition of the two numbers 2 n 1...

Warmth and high

Plastic cups lay strewn around. Drinks spilt on the progressively fading carpet had started to dry up on their own. The stink of ashes on th...