Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blissful Pain

A turbulence…an eerie silence amidst the storm…the eye.
A wait so long that time crawls slower than the breath escaping from the Soul…escaping to Eternity.
An infinite length of dark expanse…waiting… awaiting… desiring those that are not one’s own.
Burdened by Love…Despair strikes.
The sky swims in a blood red pool. 
Red? Perhaps the colour of Love… or perhaps the hue of the irreparable loss that gnaws the heart. Twisting the muscles so that every drop is wasted…and lost. A pain so pure that all Powers surrender to it.
It is cruel enough to engage you in a blissful delirium…senses are lost to emotions...perhaps forever. It never subsides 
and yet you smile.


  1. confusion and confusion....thats all i can say!!

  2. nice.. but u r turning into a "person" with bearded look with pyajama punjabi and a jhola by the shoulder..... akhon ii ato pain and confusion nile pore ki hobe... frgt evrything... take things lite and stop dissecting wats over.... enjy wats at teh moment :) Sushmi

  3. @sushmi
    dear am not thinking abt totally fine. wrote this crap ekdom casually...!!


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